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What Linkedin did to Us, Please be Informed



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The much ado and claps on social media marketing for bloggers and writers of various capacities is no more news.

Having millions of web portals in the world wide web, the shout is where is the opportunity for the new blog man/woman who just came in?

The answer is simply clear; he or she have got to do things that are being shared on this blog with passion.

They are quite simple and do not require the magic call to you writing codes or using some traffic pulling software’s; nah nah nah.

Having been on the internet dream and direction for so long a time, it is what works and what others who are on our clientele list have greatly benefited we share here, no story story story; simply what works.

LinkedIn is the point of this article.

linkedin2What wrong have they done to us?      

They have simply built us niche reasonable and committed network. They have  built a family across the globe around our blog and we owe them to announce it here, so that you can think of no other way of doing social media marketing without embracing and committing most of that time to LinkedIn.

If used well, it will pull in more than enough useful traffic to your blogs and website.

As this article is being written, a peep was made aside to see our blog statistic and in few minutes, a link from LinkedIn rushed in over 10,000 visitors to our blog.

What are you waiting for, head on now to LinkedIn to maximize your blog’s potential.

You may have been there before but have not noticed its power, now you have heard it live from here, go and explode your traffic base with the super friendly LinkedIn.


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