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Traffic Boost Your Website; Get huge number of relevant visitors



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Having a great website or blog isn’t enough, considering that you built it for several reasons of which maybe to monetize it, pass information and entertain your target audience.

To catch a wide view of visitors to your websites/blogs, it is important that you know what to do and how to achieve it.

Remember the phrase “content is king”. If you know where to place some of your contents, then you will reap the harvest. Using social bookmarking sites, forums and blog commenting will do you well.

What I am about to show you will raise your traffic but my warning is that you must be prepared with a server that can accommodate it otherwise your server experiences downtime.

Sites like digg, reddit, stumbleupon, linkedin can do you wonders and can bring in a flood of 50,000 or more visits to your website daily. But you must know how to use them as I have gotten huge returns from them.

Use powerful and catchy headlines when submitting contents to these portals

Please let your content description be very meaningful, concise and useful to an intending reader

Please do not submit what is not going to benefit anybody. Your post on these portals must do exactly as you have stated it and the magic of it will pull the readers to your website seeking to know more.

Always submit to the right category and know your time (best times) to submit a post as submitting when your readers are sleeping can hurt the traffic pull.
The following channels below have also helped me reach millions of visitors. YOU SHOULD USE THEM WISELY.

Google Answer
Yahoo answer
Blog frog
Blog guest
Website babble
Wiki Answers
Yedda a.k.a AOLanswers
Yahoo Groups
Yahoo buzz
Google buzz

Never use auto submitters as they could get you banned and take you nowhere.

Lastly keep posting as not all topics do well and you never know which of your topics will blow your server and give you more clicks to more money in your account.



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